The Push for Diversity in Books

Recent pushes for greater diversity in the publishing world have brought attention to the lack of novels that feature diverse characters as well as the lack of diverse employees in publishing houses. The mainstream publishing industry is struggling to survive against the growing number of self-publishers, low-priced eBooks, and online piracy. Publishers are feeling the pressure to … More The Push for Diversity in Books

Plus-Sized Revolution?

The modern-day fashion industry is obsessed with small sizes. Runway and commercial clothing models are thin, beauty pageants are full of extra-lean ladies, the majority of actresses are the center of gossip about their weights, and store mannequins are alien in their thinness. But the reality of the average U.S. woman and the clothing size … More Plus-Sized Revolution?

Is 2016 the Beginning of a New Age in Political Advertising?

Since the first U.S. presidential election in 1789 political campaigns have undergone many evolutions. Way back when, candidates had to rely on newspaper advertisements, word-of-mouth, and physically meeting their constituents by touring the states. Later came radio ads, and then in 1952, the first “spot” television campaign advertisements were run, garnering votes for Truman and Eisenhower. … More Is 2016 the Beginning of a New Age in Political Advertising?

Violent Music and Its Effects on Audiences

I believe it’s safe to claim that music is a mood-changer. Energy, romance, relaxation: sites such as Spotify, Soundcloud, 8Tracks, and Pandora have entire playlists and stations defined by specific moods. So what about aggressive music, with violent lyrics? What if that music is accompanied by an equally violent music video? How does that influence the … More Violent Music and Its Effects on Audiences

Abuse on Twitter

Baby Twitter, 2006 era, was a simple site for sharing 140 character thoughts throughout the day with followers who wanted to know what you had for breakfast and what you thought of the finale of your favorite TV show. But that innocent site has gone through an evolution. As it gained new users who recognized … More Abuse on Twitter

The Future of Interaction

Interaction is a tried and true method for engaging audiences. It’s always been true for magic shows and it’s becoming a new truth for contemporary media, which now regularly encourages viewers to tweet, tag, or text. This direct input gains another level when it’s through a touchscreen, which simulates the physical manipulation of words, images, and videos. Touchscreens make … More The Future of Interaction

When Entertainment and Accuracy Clash: The Stonewall Movie Controversy

Stonewall, a movie about the 1969 Stonewall riots, is debuting in U.S. theaters on Friday, September 25th, 2015. But will there be audiences to watch it? A recent controversy involving the movie’s casting choices had LBGT communities in an uproar, many prepared to boycott the premiere. The Stonewall riots occurred in June of 1969 in Manhattan, New York … More When Entertainment and Accuracy Clash: The Stonewall Movie Controversy

Sound Seen in a New Way

Typically, sound is not considered as more than just the music pulsing through earbuds, sirens and car horns, a neighbors house party, crickets on a summer night. Music has commonly been used for expression, enjoyment, education. It has been found to affect stress, which may be one reason people keep music at close hand throughout their lives. Sound … More Sound Seen in a New Way